RPG Settings for The Last Unicorn?

I've recently been overcome with an urge to play a scenario set in The Last Unicorn universe. ::cue the music:: Is this a thing that already exists in the world? A bit of furious googling didn't net out anything, but I'd love to be surprised. 

Hacking Fall of Magic for The Last Unicorn

At first blush, Fall of Magic seems like just the fit. 

A 2am back-of-the-envelope mod:

  • The Unicorn is the Magus. All players collectively embody the Unicorn and accompany her on the journey to Umbra to find the others.
  • Umbra is the location of King Haggard's Castle/the Red Bull/Final resting place of unicorn-kind
  • Starting location of Ravenhall should focus encounters in the surrounding woods or gardens. The woods around Ravenhall are the unicorn's home. 
  • Presence of magic. Only the magically inclined can see unicorns, so everyone accompanying her has some relationship to magic, however tenuous. 
  • The Unicorn should be transformed to human form through some magical means around the midpoint of the game. At the very least before the Sightless Sea or The Deepway.

And then the rest plays as is! I imagine lots of deviation from the actual plot of The Last Unicorn, but the beautiful scene prompts of Fall of Magic still leave plenty of room to be faithful, too.