February in Force

The production machine is humming along. In this update, we’ll pan the camera across the scene to show some of the many moving parts of game making. Let’s start the photo tour!

Dialect Proofs

The updated digital version of Dialect has been sent out to everyone on backerkit -- this includes all the additions we highlighted in last month’s update. (We decided to wait until after proofing, to spare everyone getting pinged multiple times). You can download it directly from backerkit. Reach out to cactus@thornygames.com if anything goes sideways -- we'll sort it out! Thank you again for the lovely play reports. Especially let us know if you play it in languages other than English!

Dialect and Sign are at the printers and we’ve made it past proofing. Here are a few glimpses at proofing in all of its glory:


We even got a little late night help from the mathy cats. After proofing, comes printing, shipping to us, and then distribution. Things are still tracking toward a late April distribution, but delays in manufacturing happen. If that does, we’ll be clear with you at each step of the way.

A glimpse at Heart of the Deernicorn: Extra Components for Glossopoet+ Backers

Recall that for backers at the Glossopoet level and above, we decided to upgrade hardcover orders to include two beautiful components completely free of charge. We did this because we believe this will be a lovely way to house the game. It’s also an opportunity to make Dialect as we hoped it would be made. One of these items comes from the talented folks at Heart of the Deernicorn -- cloth craftspeople who have produced a wide-range of games and game components.

Here’s a look into the practice and process of Heart of the Deernicorn as they make handsewn and silkscreened pouches for Dialect featuring beautiful art by Jill De Haan:  

 The front.

The front.

 The back.

The back.

 We love the cycle of hands and scissors and frayed cloth that goes into producing something so intentional and lovely. Click through for a peek inside their shop in making Dialect cloth pouches:

 Game crafting at its finest

Game crafting at its finest


Mystery Language Box: A Beeteeth reveal.

Something that has been cooking for awhile is ready for the spotlight: we’ve collaborated with Beeteeth for the Mystery Language Box, a longtime favorite artist who is obsessed with old relics and stares into the weird of the world. Two very special items come from our latest collaboration. Both of these are currently in production and heading our way. 

  • A custom designed flag felt pennant, complete with a motto for play. Indeed, that is a dagger-wielding raven with dice and thorn playing cards. You can see Beeteeth's other pennant designs to peek at the form these will take. 


  • The second pin of the box to up the raven game. Notice the thorny-eye vine. Also, the dagger, the dagger, the dagger. 

We're excited for the rest of what remains here, too: weird games, linguistic paraphernalia, and other lovely bits. We'll keep these under wraps for now. 


The game festival season is here again and we are already doing that dance. Last month we were at Indiecade East (NYC) and Dreamation (NJ) to showcase Dialect and Sign and do some playtesting. In the next little while, we'll also be at:

Hello from foggy San Francisco (by way of foggy Russian animation),

The gang at Thorny Games