April Afoot

Hello friends, we’re almost there and things are looking beautiful. We can’t wait to get this on your tabletop. We've been headsdown on the final touches, but realized it had been too long since last we spoke. Time to fix that here and now. 

Distribution is tracking to June

The battlescars of printing. Books and cloth bags are ready, but we spotted a color issue in one component (all it takes is one!). Making sure this was fixed by our producers was necessary; the art deserves it after all this care. Fixing and re-proofing took a few extra weeks, so this will push fulfillment into June. We are eager eager to get the physical version to you, but it needs to be right and we don't want to cut corners with the end in sight. 

On a related note, oh boy, is it some dark magic to get things to reliably print a color. If we meet at a convention, we can talk your ear off about it …. here’s one of the adorable and ridiculous artifacts from proofing: tiny mouse-sized versions of booklets made to double check page numbers line-up, including die for scale. 

 RPGs for mice is a market we can stand by.

RPGs for mice is a market we can stand by.


The books have arrived to us. They are beautiful! 

 There you are

There you are

For the logistically curious, here is what 5000+ hardcover game books looked like as they ship in bulk. Other stuff like posters, prints, silk-screened bags, and all mystery box goodies are also here. Soon to you! 

 Books for days

Books for days

Along with that, the card decks have come together nicely: 

Backdrops: A home on the dot com 

Your game reports are wonderful -- thanks for sharing them with us! We’ve been especially pleased to see folks writing backdrops: pulpy space smugglers, lonely teens with super powers, gothic horror based on an Edward Gorey illustration, children in a house of shadows ... to name just a few. The setting of Dialect is so central to the game, and it's really neat to see the many forms Isolations can take. 

We've gotten some requests for a home to host new backdrops. This is clearly a fine idea, so we'll be making space available on our homepage to feature player-submitted backdrops from now on. If you've written a backdrop and you'd like it to live on the internet along with other Dialect materials, send it to us at cactus@thornygames.com. 

An Unexpected Trip with the Nicaraguan Sign Language Project 

For the close reader of these updates, you'll know the Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects (NSLP), the organization focused on supporting the Deaf community and spreading emergent sign language throughout the country. Our game Sign was developed with help from the NSLP; they arranged interviews with native speakers and connected us with a sensitivity consultant who has deep experience in ISN. All profits from the game go directly to the NSLP to improve access to sign language education across rural Nicaragua. Well, in March, we got quite an unexpected opportunity. With less than a week's notice, we were invited to accompany the NSLP to Nicaragua to observe one of the schools they operate and help scout a new language community in remote areas of the country.

To put it plainly, this experience changed things for us and how we look at our work. In order to share, H wrote up a log of the trip over the course of three blog posts (Part 1Part 2 and Part 3). In these posts, we explore topics from interviewing language deprived adults and the spectrum of what language deprivation really means to complex issues in translating the National Anthem of Nicaragua into Nicaraguan Sign Language. 

 A student explaining the story of Apollo and Daphne in Nicaraguan Sign Language

A student explaining the story of Apollo and Daphne in Nicaraguan Sign Language

When next we meet ...

So looking forward to getting this out the moment it's ready. At the end of May, we'll be running games at local Bay Area convention KublaCon, so come say hi if you're nearby. 

In the swing,

Thorny Games