Hello from the Jaws of January

Good tidings in 2017! We have lots to tell you. Dialect barrels ahead furiously, with playtests, design polish, art-in-the-rough, and the sweet satisfaction of forward motion. We’re doing our damndest to shepherd this project along and it is pretty work. Here are a few updates from the jaws of January.

Regarding Time

Timelines from here to Tuesday (and the Tuesday 6 months from now). We are knees-deep in project plans for how design, writing, layout, art, and production will puzzle-piece together. Our focus for this month is to crystallize a set of rules that honor our ambition for the game. This will serve as an input into the next stage. February will bring the start of collaboration, with our band of writers fleshing out the bones of their settings. Following that, it’s words, words, words (revisions, more writing, editing). The final trial is layout, production and then shipment.

Of Art 

Art continues. (A happy thought!) Jill De Haan is constant in her work for Dialect; producing a pageant of wonderful for the game that only seems to get better. The Thorny Games piece by Erica Williams swirls and takes inky form. Close your eyes and picture an old library. Once great, now reclaimed by nature, covered in small runic books of cryptic symbols and ciphers. Open your eyes and click here. Oh, art. <3

On Play and Design 

  • Our playtests and design polish saunter on. We’ll wrap up a stable set of rules by end of January, but knowing us, playtesting and refining will continue to the very end. 
  • If you are a purveyor of game design, take a listen to the Game Design Round Tablepodcast, including this episode featuring Thorny Games. In bright news, K will join as a new co-host for the podcast soon! 
  • The ever wonderful Sean Nittner wrote up a kind report on a recent playtest set in a trial version of the “Worcester School, 1950” backdrop. His write-up gives a peek into how our design has evolved over the last few months: more ways to guide players to decision has really helped streamline the play process! Our last point to iron out is tightening the screws of Age 3 - and then we wade into backdrop playtests and refinement. Beyond that is the abyss of our next project and the vulgar unknown.

Respecting Convention 

  • Boy, do we like to convene. 2017 will bring us many opportunities to do so. We’ll be traveling for game conventions across the US throughout the year. February takes us back to the wilds of New Jersey for Dreamation. Come and say hi to us! We’ll be playtesting, naturally. We may also sneak by Dundracon, a local Bay Area gathering.
  • For 2017, count us in for Origins in Columbus, Kubla Con in San Francisco, Gen Con in Indianapolis, Big Bad Con in Oakland, and Metatopia in New Jersey. We're suckers for a good playtime so you’ll probably find us elsewhere, too.

Onwards and chin up, 

K+H and the mathy cats