In 'Dialect', we follow the story of a community in isolation as seen through their language. We explore how the community's speech evolves as they face challenges, establish values, and contrast themselves from the society they've left behind. We'll embody characters within the Isolation, using this emergent language to express the interactions within the community. In the end, we'll witness the decline of the language and examine how the community lost its identity. A highly modular world-building game, Dialect can be played in any setting in which a group may find itself totally isolated - be it physically or culturally. 

A story game for 3-5 players in 3 hours (Printable Flyer)

"Dialect is fascinating and fun and innovative. It falls in the ‘jealous I didn't think of this first’ category.”
  -- J. M.
"...a language-building story-telling thing of beauty”
 -- J. T.

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